The reviews are in for MDQ at the Rep in St. Louis! Thanks for all the kind words!!!


“Although Jerry Lee Lewis was still very much a newcomer when this impromptu jam session was held, he’s easily the star of this show thanks to Dominique Scott’s superb performance. Boy does that man know how to work a stage! Not to mention, he’s one of the most exceptional pianists I’ve had the pleasure of watching play. You need to see his skills for yourself, but let’s just say, he’s got tricks.”

“…elfin precursor of Mick Jagger moves dangerously around multilevel set…”

“Dominique Scott channels the unbridled passion and free-wheeling expression of the piano-pounding Lewis…”

“…has the chops and personality of Jerry Lee Lewis down”

“…the audience seemed to enjoy Lewis’s antics the most…”

“…played with spirit and comic touch by Dominique Scott…”

Million Dollar Quartet | The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis